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Karrenn is a leading comprehensive online car platform that helps prospective car buyers learn all they need to know about car brands, features, prices and a broad range of car-related matters, enabling them to make the best possible personal decision.



Where does the Karrenn concept stem from?


Car ads are largely geared towards boosting sales and are not always elaborative or useful enough to shed light on car features and specifications that are of interest to a specific buyer. Karrenn offers you custom-made advice, solutions and general knowledge in the Lebanese car industry, to optimize your decision-making process, based on your budget and personal interest.


Karrenn transcends the ‘cliché’ car advertising lingo and provides a factual breakdown of each and every car ad in the market, offering detailed car specifications, as well as information on prices and features that you can easily search, compare and use, in order to make optimum car purchase decisions.

Karrenn’s database and website are up-to-date at all times on all car-related matters and offers in the Lebanese car industry. Karrenn is thus a reliable reference outlining details and practical information that car owners and buyers can make use of. The database of the car offers also displays extra features available in addition to basic pricing. The blog section is always on top of auto industry news both in Lebanon and worldwide.





Source of Information:


Karrenn.com collects all available information relating to the cars in the Lebanese market. 

We present to the users all available car offers with specifications of each car along with personal user reviews and/or expert feedback and analysis, as well as publically known and shared information.

Our goal is to give each user all the information available on cars while maintaining our impartiality.





Karrenn is not responsible for the insights provided by its community. These insights can only be found on the website under Ad Reviews > Community Insights, or in the Blog when a community member is involved.


Karrenn endeavors to keep the information up to date and correct. However, Karrenn cannot guarantee a daily up-to-date database because the dealers change their deals often (we put, however, the ad release date for reference), and this might leave room for information asymmetry on what the user reads on Karrenn and what they find in the showroom. 


Karrenn may include information about special offers or incentives relating to a specific brand, model or vehicle. Karrenn is not responsible for the content of such offers, nor responsible for any errors or omissions in the offers’ content or descriptions.


In order to maintain its impartiality, Karrenn will provide to the users all available information on cars including any disadvantages revealed or disclosed with respect to each car, given that our general duty is not to hide any available information from the users regardless whether such information was positive or negative. 


Karrenn reserves the right to share its opinion on certain matters relating to subjective aspects of a vehicle such as its aesthetics and its drivability.


Karrenn makes no representations or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of the information contained on the website for any purpose.


The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only. Any reliance a user places on such information is strictly at his/her own responsibility.


Karrenn is not liable in any event whatsoever for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, arising out of, or in connection with, the use or view of this website.





The editorial content published by our team (the “Content”) is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights and owned by karrenn.com. It is prohibited to reproduce, sell, publish, distribute, modify, display, broadcast, re-post or otherwise exploit any portion of the Content in any way or for any purpose without the prior written consent of Karrenn.com.




Contact us at:info@karrenn.com

Meet the team

Anthony Saneh - Founder

My primary role is to help build a transparent and trustworthy community around Karrenn. This includes making sure your user experience is optimal by validating all the details of the car ads you see with each individual dealership and ensuring continuous improvement of the website. Essentially, I’m your go-to person for all your queries and / or rants – with a preference on the former.

Karla Jurdi - Marketing Manager

I link Karrenn to the world of social and digital media. I manage Karrenn’s social media accounts, plan our online and social media content and track our performance. A lot of my role involves building relationships; with our users, with online influencers and with our stakeholders.

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