10 of The Strangest Traffic Laws Around The World

July 28,2017

Dear Lebanon, if you are raging over the increase in fine prices wait until you hear weirder actions on the road that might get you in trouble and cost you a lot of $$$. We gathered 10 of the weirdest yet funny actions on the road around the world that might cost you some dollars or some time behind bars.



1) Watch your tongue in Rockville, Maryland, United States!



Whether it is your fault or not, it is illegal to yell or curse in public and you will be fined up to a $100 or spend up to 90 days in jail.


2) Keep your car’s headlights on in Sweden!



By on we do mean 24 hours a day meaning you cannot drive at any time or season without having your lights turned on.


3) Do drink and drive in Costa Rica but don’t get drunk!



As long as your blood-alcohol level is less than 0.75%.


4) Taking a car out for a night in Japan? Everyone stay sober!



 If you are sober and riding in the passenger seat but your driver is intoxicated, you will be punished too.


5) Your car plate number will matter in Manila, The Philippines!


If your car plate ends with 1 or 2, you cannot drive on Mondays.


6) No Skin in Thailand!



Driving topless on Thai streets will land you a fine.


7) Drop the clothes, but don’t forget the shoes in Germany!



You have the right to drive undressed in Germany as a car is considered your private space but if you drive barefoot you may lose your insurance coverage.


8) Extra precaution in Spain.



If you wear prescription glasses while driving you have to carry a spare pair with you in Spain.


9) Roaming Italian streets? Buckle up buddy!



In Italy, if you decide to take your dog for a cruise he has to wear a seatbelt.


10) In Dubai, camels come first!



If camels are crossing the road, they have the right of way and car drivers have to wait until Camels clear the road to continue.

Know any more strange or weird laws around the world! Do share them with us!



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