10 Tips To Get Your Car Ready For Winter For a Better Performance

October 25,2018


The most wonderful time of the year is back, and there's a lot to be done to prepare your car for a safe drive and a good performance during this winter. That's why we've compiled a list of 10 tips for getting your car winter ready.



1- Winter tires and Frequent checks


It is the most important step to getting your winter car tires checked if they need to be changed by new ones before getting things all slippery. Having winter tires can make all the difference in your driving performance and will keep you safe on those city roads.



2- Check your car's oil


In order for your car to perform well during the winter season, you'll want to make sure you check your oil to ensure that the level isn't too low and that has the proper consistency as well. And that will let you avoid engine problems as well.


3- Wash your car in winter


You may not even think about washing your car during winter, because with the cold coming months comes snow, ice, slush, salt and sand on the road. It's best to plan ahead and get a good wash and wax, this will prevent rust from occurring. And keep taking care about your car every now and then especially the areas around tires and front grille of your car.


4- Check your windshield wipers


This maintenance tip is one of the most important when it comes to your safety. There's nothing worse than dealing with an icy day when visibility is already poor and you're using windshield wiper fluid that doesn't perform well in low temperatures.


5- Check your heaters


There's nothing worse than trying to escape the cold outside by getting into your car and turns out that your heaters don't work. we recommend getting your heaters checked to make sure that they are in working order. Since this also includes the defrosting mechanism on your windshield, you'll want to check on this in advance so that you have a clear and safe view of the road.  


6- Check your radiator


If your radiator isn't filled to the right level with good antifreeze the liquid could freeze or create a build-up, which could cause a leak or even cause the transmission to fail. Either checking the radiator and antifreeze ahead of time Or take it to the nearest station for a checkup.



7- Starting your car in winter


A common myth among fellow drivers is that you need to start your car well in advance to "warm up the engine" before driving. Well, the oil is the lifeblood of the engine. When the temperature drops or when it's cold, the oil needs to warm up before it can move smoothly throughout the car. Fluids get thicker when it's cold, so to lubricate properly they need 60 to 120 seconds of the engine running. Without properly letting the engine run, you may be cutting your engine's life short.


8- Keep your gas tank at least half full


Keep your gas tank at least half full to avoid gas line freeze-up. Another problem, however, deals with keeping the fuel pump cool. When you run low on gas, it makes it possible for the fuel pump to start sucking in air. This can heat it up to the point where it could lead to expensive future repairs.


9- Keep Your Car Battery Charged


Another important step to take before the really cold temperatures swoop in and surprise us all is to check your vehicle's battery and make sure that it is fully charged and in good condition. You may not know that your battery isn't the strongest until it's too late and you're stuck somewhere in the dead of winter with a dead battery.


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