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Tips for Women: What You Need to Know about Your Car
Automotive Industry

  Women are known with their multitasking skills and their abilities to understand things quickly. Whether housewives, workers or moms, they tend to manage their times to produce the best out of…Continue reading

Hottest Car Deals: February Edition
Car Deals

The best deal of the month article is where you find all the good car deals in one place. See whether the offers apply on cars within your budget, and check Karrenn’s tips instead of going through…Continue reading

7 Maintenance Questions We Ask Daily
Automotive Industry

  Karrenn's platform is all about the community and sharing experiences and knowledge. One of our dearest community members and our maintenance expert Joe Hayek took the time to…Continue reading

Teach Her Auto Mechanic Workshop
Local News

Karrenn hosts women's workshop on car mechanics, maintenance and insurance.   Karrenn, a leading online platform for the Lebanese car industry, hosted their second free workshop on Saturday,…Continue reading

2018 Market Review
Automotive Industry

For 2018, The Lebanese Car Market has shown a tragic drop  in car sales, but many companies have been growing.    Here, we've collected these 7 car market facts for 2018 to help you…Continue reading

Are You Ready to Go Green? Here are some EVs/HEVs in Lebanon
Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

An electric car, also known as a battery electric vehicle (BEV), uses electricity stored in a chargeable plug-in battery pack to power one or more electric motors to run the wheels. It gets all of its…Continue reading

2018 Success Stories: Changan Lebanon
Automotive Industry

Despite stagnation in the Lebanese Automotive Market in 2017, and a drop of 11.31% in the total volume in 2018 (according to the report of the Association of Automotive Importers in Lebanon - AIA), Changan,…Continue reading

Myth Unveiled: Know What your Engine Needs
Tips & Entertainment

“Super aw aadeh?”    Here’s the confusing question asked every time you need to re-fill your tank.   Most people think 98 petrol is better than 95 for their vehicle since…Continue reading

Do you really need a Crossover? 6 things to consider before buying one
Car Shopping 101

Have you been thinking of upgrading your car to a Crossover? Or do you really need one? Well, this question has no solid answer that applies in each and every situation; it is worth considering after…Continue reading

2018 Success Stories: Nissan
Automotive Industry

If you’ve been following us, you already know what sort of a hit the new car market took in 2018. There was a stagnation in the market in 2017, which was followed by a market decline of 11.31% in…Continue reading