2018 Market Review

February 14,2019

For 2018, The Lebanese Car Market has shown a tragic drop  in car sales, but many companies have been growing. 


Here, we've collected these 7 car market facts for 2018 to help you get specific and accurate information of the ups and downs of automotive industry. 


FACT 1: General Market Performance 


Lebanon's car market has seen a considerable decline in 2018, 4,209 less cars sold. Such numbers can be considered catastrophic.




FACT 2:  December Performance 


December has been the worst for car sales. The market slumped down by 30.97%. Even worse than August's -20.24% or October's -26%




FACT 3: June Performance


With 2018 marking an unpleasant achievement, June was the best selling month, as usual.  4,162 cars were sold in June this year. The lowest month was November, with only 2,195 cars sold.





FACT 4: Chinese Market Performance 


Due to the newly launched Changan, a successful brand managed by Ras Motor Co., Chinese car market increased by 93%. 




FACT 5: Japanese Market Performance 


Japanese cars marked 40.7% of sales, which makes them the best selling brand by origin

13,429 Japanese cars were sold in 2018, followed by 9,357 Korean cars. 

*In the Koreans' defense, there are 11 Japanese brands v/s 3 Korean brands.




FACT 6: Commercial Vehicles Performance 


Japanese Commercial Vehicles were considered as the best selling too, with 53.3% of sales. 

2,288 new trucks, buses and pick-ups were sold in 2018. Most were Japanese, followed by European, and then Chinese




FACT 7: Alternative Cars Performance 


Audi and Toyota lead the way, accounting for 70% of sales. 

Alternative fuel includes Hybrids, Electric Vehicles, and Plug-in Hybrids (PHEV). 




FACT 8: Cars by Catergory Performance 


33,013 vehicles were sold in 2018, most of them were cars, followed SUV then MPV

*This number does not include commercial vehicles (trucks, pickups etc,..)




FACT 9: Import Leader  


With 5,478 car imported, RYMCO has been considered as the leading importer in Lebanon. The group includes all brands under RYMCO management, such as Nissan, INFINITI, GMC, Lada... 

Here's how they did it: https://goo.gl/7jNVAY 




FACT 10: Chinese Brands Performance


Changan Lebanon is officially the country's fastest growing automotive company, accounting 64.9% of Chinese Cars sales. It went from launching in 2017 to selling more than 50 cars/month in 2018.




FACT 11: High Performance Vehicles 


With this high selling rate,  Porsche has been recognized as Lebanon's most loved high-performance brand with the highest number of cars sold!




FACT 12: Supercars Market Performance 


36 brand new Supercars were sold in 2018 v/s 22 in 2017. 



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