3 Years Free Maintenance or Longer Warranty?

March 27,2019


It's a no brainer that when buying a car we look for the best offer, but what is really better? A Longer Warranty of 5 Years with Unlimited Km or a 3 Years Free Maintenance


Car warranty will protect you from unexpected repair bills in case your car experiences a mechanical breakdown or electrical failure. Some warranties will also cover wear and tear. The type of car warranty depends largely on whether you have a new or used car, and might even be included when you purchase your vehicle. 


Car Maintenance includes changing oil, filters, spark plugs, making necessary adjustments and more.  


We asked our community and noticed that buyers tend to prefer a 3 Years Free Maintenance Offer rather than Longer Warranty. 





We’ve got our Community’s opinion about the two offers: 







Perhaps, Lebanese people are choosing free maintenance to make sure their cars are always well equipped on our bumpy roads.