5 Mistakes Lebanese Car Buyers Make

January 24,2018

Not sure how to proceed with the whole car buying thing? Confused and frustrated? It happens, and we're here to help. Avoid falling for the common mistakes below to stay free of what we call 'buyer's remorse'.


1- Not test driving the car before you buy it


Most of us try on clothes before we buy them, so always take your time testing out how the car feels. Let’s face it, you can’t really appreciate how driving the car on the daily will feel like unless you’re trying it out in person. Specs on paper are useful but how does the car measure up on Lebanese roads? Read more of our tips on how to get the best out of a test-drive.



2- Not looking for the right deal


If you are choosing between a few cars that you like, a little patience can save you hundreds of dollars on financing or insurance, meaning you can spend more time enjoying the car and less time worrying about payments. Make sure to consider what deals are available on the cars you are considering, or read more about how to get discounts at car dealerships in lebanon.


3- Lacking confidence to ask a lot of questions



You’re committing to a high value purchase so you’re going to want to fully understand exactly what’s covered in the warranty, terms of finance, maintenance issues, service history (if buying a used car) and a lot more. Don’t be shy to keep questioning until you’re fully satisfied. 


Some warranties cover everything for the whole duration, this is called bumper to bumper warranty. So make sure to ask if it’s a bumper to bumper or if there are aspects that are not covered for the whole duration.


4- Not thinking about future resale value


Generally speaking, Japanese and Korean cars have the highest resale value in the Lebanese market, followed by American cars, and then European cars.  But this is not a rule of thumb, resale value is also affected by other factors such as size and original price, and as these increase, so does the rate of depreciation. So take this into consideration if you're going to resell before 5 years of ownership, we don't want you to end up like our guy below.



5- Not thinking about similar cars in the same category


You might have your heart set on a particular car, but you have nothing to lose by testing out others in the same category. You might be able to get a better deal, or you might discover features you prefer. In this section, you can filter by budget and category to find a selection of cars that fit your needs. And when you're checking our review on a certain car, make sure to check out similar cars at the end of the article. Those are cars within the same budget or within the same size category.


Happy Shopping!


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