6 Car Features That Should Already Be Standard By Now!

February 05,2018

We exist to help you guys make a confident decision so you can hear all the facts and concerns about a car before you buy it. We’ve taken all your concerns to heart and brought the answers to your plates. One key issue you guys raised was the lack of features in new cars. So, here we are to discuss what features every car should have.





Let’s start with the obvious. It’s quite logical for every car out there to offer a key safety feature as soon as you buy it, right? That includes the basic ABS/2 airbags and other features like ESP for winter driving and emergency braking. This applies maximum braking force when you’re faced with an unexpected need to stop.


It’s strange and unacceptable for some of the best selling cars in Lebanon to not have these features. If you see a car without these, think it through, check out other cars, and definitely find one that includes these as a standard. Here are the Top 15 safest cars money can buy in 2018, according to the IIHS.






Come on, we’re in 2018 and this feature should be included in all cars. It’s incredibly common among new cars because it improves the driver’s awareness, it also lets you rock out to your favorite tunes. Since your hands will be on the steering wheel while you answer calls, instead of having the phone in your hand, you could keep your eyes on the road and your mind focused on making sure you don’t crash into anything.


Did you know? You can check out whether your favorite features are standard on the car you're planning to buy, or if not, how much it's going to cost you. Just head to our cars and offers section and pick the car of your choice.






This should be a no-brainer. You always have the option of installing these sensors as an extra, but why should you be given the option? This feature SHOULD be a standard, end of discussion! It will help you avoid small collisions by notifying you of objects that you might not have noticed.


It’s not as expensive as an add-on, so we are expecting it to either be a standard or the dealer will install it for free. It’s those little objects that escape our vision that we should watch out for, such as bicycles, small children, or the neighbor’s cat, and the sensors would keep you alert. Below is a low cost version for all you economical folk.






We don’t want to sound greedy, but it’s the truth! An auto up/down feature for both the driver and passenger should be included in all cars. It might not seem like such a key feature, but trust us when we say that it should be! Rear electric windows are a must, says Max.






These lights have a purpose, and an important one at that. It allows you to see better in fog, obviously! Some cars that are above the $20,000 mark, still don’t have these special lights. We aren’t saying that driving without them would be impossible, but an accident has many factors that lead to it.


Why should lack of sight be one of them?






Picture yourself going to a mall and you have to turn off the car and give the key to the security guard so he could inspect the trunk. Practicality is dead! Most cars now include a remote control and central locking system with trunk release, but we aren’t seeing it much in cars priced between $10,000 and $15,000.


People do not mind compromising power, and even sometimes safety to get a more affordable car, but do we also have to give up some key practicality features? Definitely not! We are either given safety or practicality, why not a little bit of both?



Let’s face it, we are giving up a ton of features just to afford a car with a slightly lower cost. Why should we, though? Even the affordable cars should include at least some key features that make our experience better and help us avoid accidents. Is that too much to ask for?


In your opinion, what other features should be standard on all new cars? Let us know in the comments!





But that shouldn't be a problem, here's a video sample that explores what actual features are available on cars in Lebanon. You can head to our YouTube channel for video reviews with local specs, comparisons against competitors and test-drives.



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