7 Maintenance Questions We Ask Daily

March 05,2019


Karrenn's platform is all about the community and sharing experiences and knowledge. One of our dearest community members and our maintenance expert Joe Hayek took the time to answer some of the questions that we usually face daily.



Here is Q&A that we hope is beneficial for you:



1.  When should the transmission oil be changed? And how do we test if it requires to be changed (automatic transmission, not CVT) 


- Mitsubishi changes its ATF every 30,000km.

- Mercedes every 60,000km

- Hyundai every 20,000 km

- Kia every 40,000 km


I would check with the dealer regarding the change interval and follow it. Do not forget to change the filter.

You cannot know unless you get the old fluid tested. Otherwise, change it as recommended by your dealer or maybe a bit sooner also.


Never flush! Only drain and add.



2. When should I add engine oil? And when should I change it completely?


- You should add engine oil if your car is leaking or burning oil.

- Always add the same grade oil in your car ( 5W30, 10W40, etc )

- Change your oil every 5000 km or every 6 months whichever comes first.



3. My car is taking 10 min la te7ma should I be worried?

If the dash light stuck on green for a long time then I advice replacing your engine thermostat and fill the radiator/rad bottle with anti-gell. That's what I advise you doing 1st and get a Genuine one from the local dealer. Dash light is the one between 180 and 200 




4. What causes valve guides problems?


The Valve Guide Seals get loosen with time, you must replace the seals mate.



5. What type of gearbox oil does u recommend for Mercedes C280 (2006)?


Maxlife ATF



6.  Do you suggest to change the gearbox oil for a Kia Rio third generation? The gearbox is doing very well with almost 60,000 km ODO

Yes, change it every 40,000km so it will keep doing very well. Change the filter also.


- Valvoline Maxlife ATF

- Castrol Transmax Multivehicle Import ATF

- Kia Lebanon uses Total XLD FE.

I personally use Valvoline Maxlife ATF.



7. What's the cause of eps failure in Hyundai?

Most likely a defect. I hope your car is covered under warranty still.

I always recommend servicing your car at the dealership until the warranty ends at least. You do not want expensive surprises.




We hope you enjoyed this article and found some answers if not, you can check the Facebook post and aks Joe Hayek for his advice. 

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