A Lebanese Opinion: If You Were The Minister of Transport...

May 11,2018

What would you do if you were the Minister of Transport in Lebanon?



Y'all got sick of the endless political speeches last month. While we are all certain few will be implemented, we dropped this question on our Facebook page and our community approached this topic with 2 attitudes. Either cynical and ironic, or optimistic and credulous.



The Natural Born Ministers





People Who Actually Deserve The Position!






And the ones who have lost all hope 



On the bright side, many enthusiastic fellows are doing their best to ease our day to day struggles. Such as Fast.parking; an application that will help you find a parking spot in Beirut, and Yalla Bus that's trying to solve the exiting bus gap in Lebanon


Despite everything we are optimistic as we heard Big Things Are Coming For Lebanese Public Transportation and we can't wait!


Meantime enjoy the sunny weather and discover These Road Trips Suggested By Your Fellow Lebanese!