A Look At The Face-lifted Nissan X-Trail 2018

October 11,2017

  • It's been revealed last week in a grand event at Ociel
  • One X-Trail was gifted to Miss Lebanon Perla Helou
  • Test-drive day was a road trip to Beit Al Qamar and included 8 new X-trails


New Face-lifted Nissan X-Trail 2018


It's here at last! This is the face-lifted version of the X-Trail that you guys are familiar with. A face-lift means exterior as well as interior improvements with some feature additions. It's not as major a change as a totally new generation, but it's a welcome refresh!




Some Features and Improvements


The famous mid-sized SUV looks sportier now, and boasts a new tan leather interior color, our new favorite. A very interesting feature was added, a smart rearview mirror: you just flip the rear view mirror and it turns into a rear camera screen. And unlike what we're used to, this one is not specifically dedicated for parking.


Normal View


Flipped View


How does Nissan still compete in the face of other competitors who focus on offering more specs at a similar or lower price?


That was our question to Nissan Middle-East representatives during the launch event. A question we feel most of you can relate to when picking your new SUV. The answer we got showed how Nissan differentiated this model, including:

  • Superior quality at a very competitive price (specifically the 2WD version costing $30,900)
  • Good resale value, affordable servicing and ownership costs
  • More and more specs are being offered on entry level vehicles


Driver Opinion


Here's what our friend Marguerita Thalia, who provided us with these awesome shots, had to say about the car:


"After testing the All-New Nissan X-Trail all I have to say that it has a lot to offer to the large SUV Class. I really liked the stylish interior with its high-quality feel and specially Nissan's intelligent rear view mirror that was quite helpful during our ride. In addition X-Trail can get a bit competitive since it's offering a smooth ride with a strong grip and all the safety measures needed."



Prices "Men El Ekher":

  • $30,900 - 2WD 5-seats
  • $32,900 - 4WD 5-seats
  • $34,900 - 4WD 7-seats
  • $43,900 - 4WD 7-seats Full Options


All car offers and their truths, here


Be Knowledgable:


Is the smart rearview mirror standard or not?  Our Car Reviews help you know what options and features you will get for every price you pay. We also recommend which grade to go for depending on your needs, and show you what other cars fit in the same category. For everything there is to know about the new Nissan X-Trail, check out our review.


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