A Mercedes for 10% Less, Why Not?

September 26,2017

September is a month where car sales start to slow down, while dealers want to get rid of their 2017 models and replace them with 2018 models. This results in more aggressive offers from budget cars to luxury cars. Speaking of luxury, the first special deal we saw was from BMW. BMW's offer was about paying 50% of the car's price now and paying the 50% 2 years later. Now Mercedes Lebanon strikes with a deal of their own.


This has been a really good year for Mercedes, where they succeeded in creating a gap of volume of cars sold between them and BMW. Up until August, Mercedes sold 652 cars v/s 383 for BMW. Still, it's time to get rid of what's left of this year's models, hence the offer.


What's the offer about?


The ad claims a 10% discount on selected 2017 models, which means that the best-selling models like the standard C-class are not eligible. Nevertheless, rarely do discounts on cars reach 10%, which makes that this offer is a valuable one, especially when it's on cars that cost north of $40,000. Watch out though, the company mentioned that this offer is only valid until the end of September, but make sure to ask if the offer is extended as is the case with most offers. You can call them on 01 255 366.


What are the models eligible for a 10% discount?



"Mercedes says this new A-Class is vital to its future fortunes. Phew, go the board: it's very good." -Top Gear


C-class cabriolet and C-coupe

"Mercedes nails it. The C-Cab is pleasant to drive but majors on al-fresco feel-good." -Top Gear


E-class (E200 and E400)

"Mercedes has thrown everything it knows into the new E-Class. You can tell." -Top Gear




"Mercedes easily sits top spot in the luxury class. The S is luxury for a new era." -Top Gear




"Another brilliant iteration of the classic Mercedes - but the appeal of the looks will take time..." -Top Gear




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