All About BMW's Latest Deal - Is It Worth It?

August 22,2017

It's a crazy season for car offers and discounts! Summer is known to be one of the best selling seasons for car dealers, and as we approach the end of it, we've been able to track various discounts ranging from affordable small cars, such as the Chevy Aveo or the Hyundai Solaris, to bigger hatchbacks like the Ford Focus and even Sports cars like the Nissan 370Z. Discounts range anywhere between $700 and $6,000 and apply to different types of cars, meaning that it's a good time for any of us car shoppers to make this purchase we've been thinking about.


This post however, is about a new type of offer that we're not used to. It's not a direct cash discount. It's an offer of convenience, and a very smart one at that. Luxury car buyers tend to buy their cars cash, so what the company's telling you here is: "Don't pay me the whole amount now, I'll just take 50% and you can pay the other 50% later on". Let us break the offer down for you, and then we'd like to hear from you what you think of this offer. Ready?


"Pay 50% now and 50% after 2 years at 0% interest"


First Payment:

50% of the car price (including VAT) + 2 years all-risk insurance + Registration

BMW 118i Example: Price with VAT is $39,000 discounted to $35,000.

1/2 of car price ($17,500) + Registration ($3,000) + 2 Years All Risk Insurance ($2,400) = $22,900


Second Payment:

The remaining 50% cash with no interest OR Re-finance the remaining 50% over 1, 2, or 3 years OR just replace your car with another.

BMW 118i Example: $17,500 Cash or Refinanced over a maximum of 3 years.


Transaction: It's done through SGBL or BBAC.


118i key features:

  • Sport seats recaro
  • Sport steering wheel
  • 16" wheels
  • High gloss black with sportline mirrors
  • Screen
  • Rear sensors


Now that the offer's conditions are clear, let us know how do you think people can benefit from this offer. Leave us a comment!




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