All About The Nissan 370Z Discounts! Pictures Inside.

August 16,2017

In this latest post, RYMCO are inviting you to go to their showroom and negotiate your preferred deal on the 370Z. So that’s exactly what we did!



The 370Z, successor to the famous 350Z has been around since 2009. You might find a few 2009-2010 second hand models of the 370Z for a price ranging between $19,000 and $24,000, but if you’re a sports car fanatic then you probably know that these cars were not made to be driven lightly. You probably know a couple of friends who have had issues with their used car purchase. You can never tell how a car was treated and that’s also the case for used sports cars, you cannot tell, but the odds that it was driven like a city car are quite low.



The point is: some of us who are capable of paying the premium price to get an immaculate and untouched sports car will not hesitate. After all, nothing beats the feeling or smell of a brand new car, let alone the fact that there are 332 fresh horses at your command.




$39,900 is the price excluding VAT and Registration; add these and the “on-the-road” price will be around $48,000. That’s $11,000 less than a new Camaro which has the same HP output, only beats the 370Z in torque figures. This makes the 370Z a more affordable sports car when you think of HP per dollar value.


But that’s not the best part yet, the best part is the discount you can get on the car, which really makes it a bargain. We were able to slash $6,000 off the “on-the-road” price and bring it down to $42,000 during our negotiation. Tempting if only we had the cash on hand isn’t it? Well if you do and are interested in the car, inbox us on Facebook or send us an email to Or try your best to negotiate and let us know what number you came back with, can you beat us?


N.B.: We received an update from the company that the $42,000 price includes only VAT


For pros & cons, options and more details, click here!





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