All You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Apple’s CarPlay

May 22,2017

There’s the Apple know-it-all and then there’s you. You unbox your iPhone, sync in your info crossing your fingers all the while to avoid losing crucial data and scroll half-heartedly down the settings menu. You see something that’s got to do with cars and playing and you tell yourself this is probably one of those features that would never work for you and…


Wait a second! Who said CarPlay was out of your league? We bet you’ll reconsider once we answer the questions you’re dying to know the answers to! Read on to find out…


Why CarPlay?


It takes much longer to develop cars than to come up with new personal tech products. The infotainment system of your car and your phone’s one thus rarely match. This is due to the fact that smartphones have short product cycles (1-2 years) while a car’s product life cycle is typically longer.


For mainstream vehicles, it typically includes a mid-cycle refresh every 2-3 years before a new model is launched 4-6 years later. Whereas, luxury vehicles operate on a longer product cycle that can span up to 10 years, albeit with major updates introduced halfway through.


And although car manufacturers have made efforts to narrow the gap over the past five years, they still can't operate as quickly as Apple and Google.


Apple came up with its own solution to this issue: CarPlay.


What does CarPlay concretely do?


Apple CarPlay offers automakers the chance to replace their hectic infotainment systems with the iPhone interfaces that we all grew accustomed to.


When you plug your iPhone into your car using a Lightning cable, it will transform your in-car screen into something Apple related.


CarPlay grants you access to your iPhone’s features right from your car’s built-in display. Now you can send text messages, answer phone calls, get directions and listen to your favorite music without worrying about taking your eyes off the road.


CarPlay features Siri voice control and is specially designed for driving scenarios. CarPlay also works with your car’s controls — knobs, buttons, touchpad, and touchscreen. And the apps themselves have been reimagined for the car!


What about compatibility issues?


CarPlay is available on iPhone 5 and newer models. As for cars, more than 200 car models are equipped with car connectivity. Each new vehicle introduction and mid-cycle refresh features CarPlay compatibility. To find out if your car is part of the list, visit


So, eager to try it out? Let us know how it goes! And if you have already tried it, share your experience with Apple's hot auto trend. 



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