Are you ready to Loop Scoot around Beirut?

June 21,2017

For the past couple of weeks or so, everyone’s been hearing about these Loop Scooters taking the Lebanese capital by storm. But what are these new means of transportation? Simply set, Loop Scooters are the first of its kind fully integrated and affordable eco-friendly electric scooter sharing service in Beirut and the Middle East. They are easier to manage than bicycles and go faster than cars in our beloved city’s notorious traffic. They’re also hassle-free when it comes to finding a parking spot.  Don’t you love them already?


Where to find your Loop ride?

The first Loop station is located at BeryTech 1294 and Loop will be announcing upcoming locations soon. Also BeryTech has invested $1.3m to support the trial operation of 55 bikes.


How does it work?

Download the app for [iOS] and [Android] then you’ll be redirected to a free tutorial aiming to explain to you how it all works.


Once you have a clearer idea of the mechanism, Book, Unlock, Ride, and Park.


By using the app, you’ll be able to locate and book a scooter. You’ll then receive a 4 Digit pin with 15 minutes to get to the station.


Once you are there, use the 4 Digit pin to unlock the scooter and Just enjoy your green and quick Ride!

No keys required and helmets are provided with the scooters.


The best part of it all is that you do not need a motorcycle license. Just upload a picture of your driver’s license on the app to book the scooter.

Never rode a bike before? No worries, there is a half an hour introductory riding course offered by Loop instructors.


What are your thoughts on this initiative and of alternative ways to move around in the capital? Ever booked a Loop Scooter? If not, would you try it and do you think it will function well on our streets?




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