Beirut E-MotorShow

April 18,2019


Welcome to Karrenn’s coverage of the E-MotorShow, the first show in the Middle East dedicated entirely to Electrified Vehicles and E-Mobility!

Beirut hosted the first e-motorshow in the Middle East, at the Forum for 5 days, 11 to 15 of April.  

Car manufacturers rushed to get the best display areas to show their electric or hybrid cars. Hundreds of media crews came in and more than 10,000 visitors attended the exhibition. Celebrities, race car drivers and motor sport madmen were present as well. It is quite impressive how many people showed their concern in the EV sector! 


We can finally celebrate the future of Mobility in Lebanon! With the new automotive technology changing our world, the electric and hybrid vehicles have been the focus of many car companies this year, especially in the Lebanese market. 

The E-MotorShow offered a Show space for: 

- Audi

- BMW 

- BYD 

- Chevrolet


- Hyundai 

- Jaguar 

- Mercedes  

- Porsche 

- Renault

- Volvo

As well as e-mobility and electric chargers providers, banks, insurance companies, tire importers and many other companies and retailers. 

Here’s a teaser of the EVs exhibited in the Motorshow. Enjoy! 



You can also check more pictures on Karrenn's Instagram Account

Here's an article that will help you find out more about electric and hybrid vehicles. Let's go green! 

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