Beirut Say cheese! There is a New Red-Light System in Town.

February 20,2017

The Traffic Management Center partnered up with Sensys Gatso group, a world leading Swedish company in traffic management solutions, to set up red-light running and speed enforcement cameras in Beirut. We applaud the government for initiating such a project to help reduce chaotic traffic but so far the public’s reactions have been mixed. Some people are with, some are against, and both are for valid reasons. The ones with think that this promotes road safety, and the ones against are critiquing the fact that we’re getting nothing in return and whether it will be applied to all or not and that it’s just another income source for the government.




The device installed can detect any red lights surpass or speed infringements using one device. The system will be running 24/7 for 365 days so rain or snow will not get you off the hook. Also remember to respect the white pedestrian lines and stop before them, as you will be fined if you surpass those too. Here is a video explaining how the system works. 



The device functions like a live video and records the violation. Later, the fine is emailed to the violator including pictures of the car, plate number, and the driver’s face with the exact date, time, location, and speed surpassed. So keep a smile on your face whenever you’re speeding through the red lights! And prepare 700,000 L.L. because that is the cost of violating a traffic light or speeding. 



The system is active in certain areas in Beirut and shortly will be launched in the entire city. The system was tested on Valentine’s Day and “shockingly” 17 violations were recorded in 140 seconds! That’s 1 violation every 8 seconds.




So what is the Lebanese public thinking?







So what do you think of the new traffic light and speed enforcement laws? Do you think it will be implemented properly in Lebanon? 


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