Best Cars For First-time Buyers

August 24,2018

The early 20's is the time when most of us acquire our first car, one that we can call our own. It's one of our first steps into independency territory, because how else could you just hop on and drive to wherever you please?


Hopefully you got to learn the essentials driving a beat-up car, because there's no avoiding a few scratches and hits here and there in the first few months, and you don't want that on your brand new car.


Although buying a used car is a completely viable alternative, we at Karrenn are the experts when it comes to new cars, and below is our list of recommended cars for first-time drivers.


The cars below have a few things in common: They're easy to drive and park, they have a minimum level of technology, they're fun-to-drive or stylish, and finally, they're reliable and will offer you a hassle-free ownership experience.


1- Suzuki Swift



There's no arguing when it comes to the Swift. It succeeded in capturing the hearts of the youth, guys and girls alike due to its funky looks and pleasurable driving experience. The new generation offers more of the same. It looks more modern without compromising on style or safety.


2- Seat Ibiza



The Ibiza might just be the best looking car for less than $25,000. We're talking about the FR version here ($22,900). And who doesn't want to own, let alone be seen in such a wonderful small car? It offers great technological features and a decent buid quality which contributes to the "feel-good" factor you get when you use the car. A cheaper ($19,400) version is available, on which no LEDs, 8" screen or alloys will be available.


3- Mazda2



If the Seat Ibiza is more aggressive and manly looking than your preferred taste, the Mazda2 offers a more"gender-neutral" alternative. The features that you care the most about, such as an easy to use infotainment system and a stylish and comfortable interior are available as standard. To top it all off, it's a zippy little car that you will enjoy driving non-stop on a daily basis.


4- Changan CS15



Yes! A Chinese crossover makes its way on the list. It probably crossed you on the road more than once, it established itself as a success already. The CS15 makes a good first impression with its two-tone color (especially in black and white) and offers plenty of features at a price that makes it accessible to all young hustlers out there. The $15,500 price tag is what matters here.


5- Lada Vesta SW Cross



The Lada SW Cross can be defined as the affordable adventure vehicle for the outdoorsy type. It costs $19,900, can fit your dog or whatever gear you need for your escapade, is powerful and has enough ground clearance to handle some rough terrain. It does not compromise on style, it looks gorgeous especially from the back, and can be had with Phantom color options (color changes depending on the angle).


6- Hyundai Veloster



Going up in budget opens up new possibilities, such as the new generation Hyundai Veloster. A huge improvement over the previous generation. It retains its 3-door coupe body style, but offers an obvious aesthetic overhaul on the outside. And if beauty on the inside is what matters to you, a gorgeous, tech-filled interior awaits you.


7- Eclipse Cross



Here we finally are with the Eclipse Cross, your funky, yet affordable crossover. The main strong-point of the Eclipse Cross is the combination of looks, size and price. You'll be owning a car that will turn heads without trading-off practicality. Road trips? Check. Shopping spree? Check. Price? Starts at $26,500.




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