Best Transportation Apps to Use in Lebanon

December 12,2016

As we all know, smart phones and more specifically apps have had everyone hooked for the past few years. We rely on them to play games, listen to music, talk to friends (or even strangers) and cook tasty meals to impress that same person we met on that unmentionable app. But what about the apps dedicated to offering you a stress free commute? We’re breaking down some of the best apps in town for all you folks that have had enough of driving through that awful Lebanese traffic.


Disclaimer: For now, these apps only offer services from Beirut, but they can take you anywhere.


1- Uber:



Set a pickup location, wait for the closest driver to make his way to you and drop you off wherever you want to go!


Payment is made using cash or your credit card, and free credits are earned when you bring new users to the platform. This is the most renowned chauffeuring service on the app stores.


Price: from Clemenceau to Antelias at 3:30pm: $10 – $14


2- Careem:



Set up your location, pick a cab type, and ride. You can even choose limousines, which are available 24/7!


This is the regional alternative to Uber, for those who still itch at the thought of using a credit card to pay a ride. Payment is done via credit card or cash at the end of the ride; you can also earn free Careem credits every time you invite new friends. Plus, the first ride is free on Careem!


Price: from Clemenceau to Antelias at 3:30pm: $11.73 – $13.48


3- Flugen Rides:



Flugen Rides by Kunhadi is made in Lebanon. You might want to use this one if you feel like supporting local developers.


With Flugen, you also get to choose your payment method and type of car. This Lebanese app has nothing stopping it from competing with the international and regional giants!


Price: from Clemenceau to Antelias at 3:30pm: $8 – $13


4- Carpolo:



This app is brand new and a bit different.


Young Lebanese entrepreneurs came up with this community based ride-sharing app inspired by Europe’s navigation app BlaBlaCar. The aim is to reduce traffic and pollution by encouraging people to ride together. Payment is done through a point system.


Want to help save the environment while meeting new people? This one is for you! So stay on the lookout; this app will make its debut shortly.


Price: Stay tuned for the app’s debut. 


This is but a portion of what you will find on your app stores so do not hesitate to hit us up with your personal favorites if they are not featured in this article!


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