Blink My Car Gets an Upgrade!

August 08,2017

Blink My Car is a mobile app available in Beirut and Dubai and brings the carwash experience to you anywhere and anytime. This comes in handy when you don’t feel like washing your car or motorbike yourself or driving it all the way to the gas station. Also, the first wash is on the house! Just input your car details and location, and then select an offer. It has been popular in Lebanon for a while now and now it got itself an upgrade and is offering new services! Blink My Car no longer just caters to your car washing needs it also is catering to your obligatory time-consuming car duties!






The new services are:


1-    Mecanique Date/Fees:


Just enter your plate number, code, horsepower, model year, and vehicle ride to get an approximation of fees incurred and date.


2-    Inspection – 85,000 LL:


All you have to do is send a request on their app and leave the rest to them! A certified officer will contact you to set an appointment and take your car for inspection to the site.


3-    Pay Mecanique – 25,000 LL + mecanique fees:


Within 48 hours of your request a certified officer will collect your papers and info and conduct the payment for you!


Say goodbye to the hassle and time wasted into these necessary services and let them do it for you!

If you happen to live in Dubai, Blink My Car offer you the services of jump-starting your car if your battery breaks down and check it up to see where the fault is in addition to changing your tire when needed in 45 seconds! Let’s hope we get these service also soon in Lebanon to avoid the frustration of on the road car issues.



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