Breaking The Balance: The New (face-lifted) INFINITI Q50

February 01,2018

Is affordable luxury the new thing?


Look around and check out the cars we own in Lebanon, it's obvious we all love to have a little luxury. The rate of ownership of used luxury cars is much higher than new ones. This proves that we are always searching for more affordable ways to buy a luxury car. Luckily, we’ve found a way to get that dream car at a good price, and it’s even brand new!


With INFINITI, this is just that! Bottom line is, we buy luxury cars for the brand and the logo. That we can’t deny. The INFINITI brand, while not as widely common in Lebanon as much as BMW or Mercedes, has a lot to offer for people who appreciate cars built with extreme attention to detail.



The INFINITI Q50 takes the lead in this with a new model with an exciting facelift, larger alloy wheels, and an improved front end. We got the chance to experience the car, sit inside, and fiddle with the buttons to discover that it was only priced at $43,900 (with free registration). Shocking when you get into the specs that this lovely car offers. We won’t bore you with these details, you can find these here, but let's go through why we think this car deserves your attention.



Finishing quality


Here’s where the car really does stand out. It has a leathery lounge with hints of shiny aluminum finishes on the inside, in all the right places. The leather material in the car has an incredible quality that definitely is worth every cent, from the touch of a steering wheel to the dashboard and everything else around you.




Interesting features


- The higher version gets you a high quality Bose surround system and a navigation system for Lebanon.


- The standard engine of 2.0T providing 211 horsepower is more powerful than the standard engines on cars in the same category


- Intelligent key not only saves your driving settings, radio stations, car settings, and more, but also saves your steering wheel and seating positions. If anyone changes how you adjust your seat, just hop in, use this feature, and be ready to roll!  


- Drive modes: You can either select between standard, sport, snow, personal (sport+ available on 3.0T engine available upon demand). The personal mode allows you to set the steering and suspension settings that you feel comfortable with.


- While the Q50 might not be $10,000 cheaper than its competitors, it offers quite the list of specs and options that are unlikely to be standard on similarly priced luxury cars.





Is there anything out of place in this car?


No car is perfect. The boot space of the Q50 leaves much to be desired, it might not be the most practical one out there. The rear doesn’t help the car much in standing out. The exterior in general is fine, it might not be the ultimate head turner, but the magic happens on the inside, and that’s where you’ll be spending most of your time.



If a sedan is not your cup of tea, we suggest you check out INFINITI's Q30 model, it's their best selling model so far with great thanks to the design that does a great job at standing out.


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