Car Color Preference: Classical Grey-scale or Striking Colors?

May 13,2019

Based on a poll created by Karrenn on car color preference in Lebanon, 66% of a total of 414 votes went for classical greyscale colors including black, grey, silver and white. Unconventional car color votes such as blue, red, yellow and green were at 34%.


Car color preference highly depends on the gender of the driver as well as the category of the car. Another factor is the driver's character, whether classical by nature or has more of a daring fun spirit.


According to Axalta, the largest supplier of automotive paint, the "Sahara" coppery bronze color has been trending for cars in 2019, adding that it looks good on all types of vehicles from trucks to SUVs to small cars. The most popular color for cars in 2018 was the gleaming white "Starlite". Beige and browns are becoming popular in China, the world's largest vehicle market. 


The highest ranking colors for cars in the world are currently as follows: 38% for white, 18% for black, 12% for grey and 12% for silver.



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