Car Owners, It's Time For Servicing Discounts!

October 26,2017

  • As fall draws to an end, many servicing offers are starting to pop up
  • It's a good time to service your car before the start of the winter season
  • Maintenance offers on VW, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Hyundai and Kia cars


Many of you will claim that servicing at the company is not as cheap as an independent workshops, but it's still way better. Selling your new car after 5 years with a full service history will be easier, and it can help you maintain the car's resale value. In some cases, servicing your car outside the company can risk voiding your warranty.


Back to the point. If you own one of the cars involved, now's the perfect time to get it serviced! You might save your own money and even a friend's.


Without further ado, here's what's up:


KIA Parts Discounts - No set deadline



Previously, the discount only applied to tires. Now it also applies wipers and anti-freeze!


Tires are an expensive investment, and one that you can't ignore. A good quality tire will serve you much better, and we don't recommend going for one of those lesser known brands. The tire brands offered by KIA's service center are Nexen and Hankook. Good quality tires.


With KIA's discounts, you're getting a good deal. Let's say that a good tire will cost $125. 4 of those will cost $500. A 25% discount is equal to $125 off in this example.


Hyundai Parts Discounts - No set deadline



  • If your car is 2012 or older, you will profit from a discount reaching up to 50% on spare parts. That excludes labor costs.
  • If your car is newer, the guys at Hyundai might still give you a discount, but it might not reach up to 50%
  • If you pay more than $200 for parts, you'll get a free oil change.


VW Servicing Offer - Till December 8



Here's how to benefit from this offer:

  • You go get a 15-point check-up, there are no fees on the check-up
  • The 15-point check up will tell you what needs maintenance, do it and get a 25% discount
  • If you pay above $250, you'll get a free oil change
  • Special discount on Yokohama tires reaching up to 20%


Citroen and Peugeot Parts Discounts


20% off on new original wipers - Till November 30



30% off on a selection of spare parts - Till December 30 For Cars Older than 3 Years!



When you take your Peugeot or Citroen to service, you will benefit from a 30% discount on the parts that they changed (excluding battery, tires, and oils, so basically just brake pads). Labor is also excluded. Unfortunately, this only applies to vehicles aged over 3 years.


Renault Tires 25% Discount - Till November 30



Renault had an offer on wipers, brakes and shock absorbers which is not valid anymore. Instead, they've rolled out a discount on your tire change. The time is appropriate, one should always care for their tire before the start of winter. Below are the branches you can reach out to to profit from the offer above.

- Bauchrieh Bassoul Heneine S.A.L, Service Center: 01-696696
- Mar Elias, Bassoul Heneine S.A.L, Service Center: 01-310844


Know of any other servicing offers that we missed? Let us know and we'll add them!


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