Car Trends that should die in 2019

December 13,2018

"No airbags we die like real men!"


"I don't drive fast, I fly slowly."


Did you ever see these funny trends on the Lebanese Cars? Of course, we all did. Lets see what the Karrenn Community picked for "which trends should die in 2019" in the comments below:


El Ktir Maz3ouj:



However, many people think CVT should never die, as they are considered as third car transmissions. Click here for more information about CVT. 


Funny Ones: 



Za3ajo El Sot: 




You think you've seen the weirdest trends of 2019? Check out  Weird things our community do when their car temperature gets high, and see the surprisingly weird answers by our funny community. 


Now that you've seen people's opinion on these trends, let us know what you think of these eliminations. 



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