Chevrolet Spark V/S Kia Picanto: The Ultimate Showdown

May 16,2018

We recently asked the Karrenn community to vote for their favorite city car, but also tell us why they chose it. This was done in an effort to help a member get opinions from owners or experts in cars, but was soon turned into a voting contest.


The contest was between two city cars: the most famous Kia Picanto, and the quite loved Chevrolet Spark.




The Spark offers more power with a 1.4L 100HP engine V/S a 1.25L 84 HP engine for the Picanto. It also offers the essential safety features at no extra cost (ABS, 2 Airbags, Brake assist and ESP).



The Picanto on the other hand, is a proven choice as it's the top seller in the city car segment. It also boasts a completely new design for 2018 and an interior that we can describe as more refined and sophisticated.





A total of 1,619 votes were cast, with 1,018 votes (63%) going for the Chevrolet Spark and 601 votes (37%) going for the Kia Picanto.





From simple opinions to very detailed owner reviews, it was all there in the comments. You can find them all in the original Facebook post.


The Spark owners were more engaged in sharing their detailed experiences:



While Picanto owners or fans just wanted to share the love:





The results were quite shocking to us honestly especially that the Picanto sells around 7-8 times more than the Spark. But what this means is that the Chevrolet Spark is succeeding in creating a dedicated fanbase of satisfied owners. Whether we'll see it climb up the ladder aggressively remains to be seen.


What about you? Do you think the results are fair? Let us know your opinion in the comments!


Other cars that are competing in what we call the A-Segment (better known as City Car segment) include the Hyundai Grand which offers one of the most comfortable rides and the Nissan Micra which is betting on its newly reduced price to get a piece of the pie.




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