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April 27,2019


How many times “zahatit el siyara maakun” this winter? Can’t count them personally. 


Well, people, this is one of the reasons why you should know what tire your car needs, but choose wisely though. 


Karrenn wanted to check your opinion regarding this matter, here’s what we got from a query post on our Facebook page: 



Good to see some people knowledgeable about tire seasons. 


Most car tires fall into three main types: all-season, summer and winter. A lot of people buy all-season tires because it’s easier and cheaper than buying one set for winter and another for summer. Summer tires deliver on handling and dry/wet braking, but they have dismal snow traction. By contrast, winter tires have outstanding snow traction but just fair braking ability on cleared roads. No single tire type is outstanding in all conditions. 


Since car tires usually need to be replaced every three or four years, here are some answers to basic questions people ask regularly:


What size do you need? 


On the placard of the driver’s side door jamb or on the tire itself, you find the measurement. It will look something like this: P215/60R16 94T


The first part of the label – P215/60R16 – refers to the tire’s various size measurements such as width and diameter. The 94 indicates the load index, how much weight each tire can support. The T is the speed rating, tire’s maximum speed in relation to the load index. 


Here’s a picture indicating these numbers on the tire: 



What is the difference between Winter and Mud & Snow tires? 


Winter tires and specifically designed to provide traction in deeper snow in sub-zero temperature. Mud and snow tires will perform just fine in lighter snow. But if you regularly drive in snowy conditions, like temperature lower than 7 degrees, you better go for winter tires. If you do not feel comfortable using all-season tires in winter, then don’t choose the M&S tires instead. Go for winter tires. 


What do these symbols mean in SUV tire? 


H/T – Highway Terrain – this tire is made for paved roads. Most SUVs are equipped with H/T tires, since they’re comfortable, quiet and long lasting. Perfect for daily urban driving. 


A/T – All Terrain Tire – this tire is made to handle both off and on road driving. 


M/T – Mud Terrain – mostly used for unpaved roads, it is uncomfortable and might feel noisy in the paved ones. 


Choosing the right tire isn't easy, you have to choose wisely. Speaking of the wise behavior, here's an article that will help you improve your driving habits.  


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