Citroen: From Saving De Gaulle's Life To Saving Its Own?

May 02,2019

About the author: Majd is a car enthusiast with 8 years of expertise in European autos and a French auto specialist. For your contributions or if you want to reach out to the Author please email


As the manufacturer of the car that saved Charles De Gaulle's life in 1962, fleeing away on three or two wheels after a torrent of bullets with little to no trouble thanks to its revolutionary hydro-pneumatic suspension; Citroen has been around the automotive industry since 1919. Known for being the “car that self-levels, or rises when started”, those Frenchies were pioneers in many technological advancements and breakthroughs in the industry.



Nowadays, if you ask around about Citroen, it can be compared to that person everybody has dated at least once; not-so-easy on the eye tends to break down a lot but can show you a good time. That is due to the identity crisis given to them since their acquisition by PSA, due to their bankruptcy from funding the production of the SM, a Citroen with a Maserati engine (I mean seriously, a French car with an Italian engine, whatever could have went wrong?), thus rendering them a “Peugeot with weird looks”, and creating a decline of regional sales in the past few years.



Last year, in 2018, the last Citroen with the famous Hydractive suspension, a technology solely available exclusively on the C5 model since 2001 rolled out of the assembly line, bidding farewell to an era of automotive perkiness. But that was not all for Citroen, as they have introduced another suspension system, simpler, yet, as they claim, more effective than the previous Hydractive, hailed by Linda Jackson (CEO of Citroen) as “the benchmark in comfort”. This new system comprises of two hydraulic stops in the dampers - one for rebound and one for compression - for the suspension to be able to adapt to input from the road surface, hence increasing comfort. You can call it the new Hydractive minus the green puddles.


Recent sales figures show an increase since the conception of the new design. Will this be a resurrection for the Citroen brand?    




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