Defog Your Windows Twice As Fast, Because Science

February 14,2017

Window fog will show you no mercy this winter. Whether you’re getting to work in the morning or leaving your chalet in Faraya and heading back home, it clings to your windshield and makes you feel like it will never go away. Things get even worse when your AC isn’t properly functioning! So how do you get rid of it?


Hot or cold air? You’ve probably taken part in this life-long debate, arguing countless times with whoever’s in the car with you over the best settings to defog your windows in this cold winter. Read on to check new ideas to add to your list of arguments.


Mind you, we’ve even provided you with a video by a former NASA engineer explaining the best way to defog a window!


1- Turn your heater on full blast:



Hot air can hold much more humidity and moisture than cold air, so turning your heater on will allow a greater amount of moisture to be absorbed than cold air. There’s a reason why our hair dries faster when we blow-dry it and why most blow-dryers don’t even feature a cold air option!


2- Turn your A/C on:



Unveiling the true purpose of the AC button: it actually works with the heater to help reduce the fog by pulling out humidity. It functions in a very similar manner to a de-humidifier, which draws excess moisture from the air. Extra sweater anyone?


3- Turn off inside air re-circulation:



No need to remind you that winter air is cold, which means that it does not hold much humidity. As a result it does not have a strong absorption capacity, keeping your car all fogged up. But, if you heat it up, the air will have a much larger absorption capacity, properly defogging your window.


4- Crack your windows open:



Opening your window helps you exchange the humid air inside your car with dry air from outside. Make sure your hair is dry, we don’t want you to be sick the next day!


Tip: If your Air conditioning system doesn’t work, you can always treat the window with anti-fog treatment… or as the video shows, shaving cream!



Drive safely Lebanon, and don’t forget to share with us your own homemade de-fogging remedies!