Did You Renew Your Driving License Yet?

February 19,2018

We've already brought you all the relevant information about the new car plates. But now's the time to talk about the new driver's license.


Good news: It has many perks, especially for travelers! You still have to pay a small amount but it's totally worth it!


After a brief discussion, we came to an agreement that the benefits outweight the cost, read on and let us know if you agree!


Smaller than the old yellow one, more like your credit card size



Believe it or not, it can easily fit in your wallet now. Finally.


International Baby



Abdel Ghafour announced that the Lebanese driver’s license could be used around the world. Eyyy for the first time, Lebanese people don't have to get an international license to be able to drive abroad! It's good news considering that an international driver's license used to cost $100 and a couple of trips to ATCL.


***Some had claimed that it's not accepted in ALL countries, it remains unclear which countries still require International driver license.


You can't fake it now can ya??



Meaning, Lebanese people can't buy fake licenses as they used to do in the past. Oops.


Surprise! There's not much paperwork to be done 



If you want to renew your license to benefit from the above or because it passed 30 years lifetime, here are the documents required:


- Copy of your Identity Card

- The old driver license

- 1 passport photo


***If you are swapping your old license for a new one, it keeps its long term validity. If you are getting your license for the first time, it will only have a validity of 10 years


The renewal fees are 38,000 LL


If you don't have one already, then check how to get your first time driver license.  


Remember, if you are below 60 years old, you will have to go to Dikwene in order to take biometric photos. Whereas, if you are above 60 years, you can rest at home and get your driver license from the driving office of your choice.



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