Everything About Certified Pre-Owned Cars

September 30,2019

What are Certified Pre-Owned ‘CPO’ Cars?


Certified pre-owned 'CPO' cars are beneficial for buyers who wish to reduce the risk associated with purchasing a used car. CPO is a program that is offered by manufacturers. A CPO vehicle has to comply with certain technical conditions, including the model year and odometer limit, among others. 


Benefits of the CPO program:


  • An extended warranty term offered by the manufacturer. Coverage conditions vary from one manufacturer to another, which is why a buyer should inquire about the exact coverage terms and warranty duration.
  • Only cars that are in good shape and have clean, historic records can qualify for the CPO program.
  • CPO cars undergo an inspection to be eligible for the program.
  • CPO cars are cheaper than brand new cars of the same type.




One important thing to watch out for is whether the CPO program comes directly from the manufacturer or a local dealer. It is more reliable to go for a manufacturer CPO vehicle, as it is subject to a specific set of standards and conditions that the dealer can't manipulate or cheat on.


Logically, a CPO label increases the price of the car, while it reduces risk. 


So which cars are worth the increased price tag that goes along with the certification? Though the CPO program tends to attract buyers in all segments of the second-hand car market, the certification of luxury cars is particularly most valuable, because it reduces expensive repair costs. CPO vehicles help people own expensive cars which they cannot afford to buy brand new. It is an option that many Lebanese drivers would be happy to explore. 


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