FastParking.Leb – The Future Of Parking

March 26,2018


Whats the one thing we hate about driving in Beirut? No, its not the amount of potholes waiting to bust our tires but the limited amount of parking. The city is flooded with cars on every corner and parking spots are becoming as rare as finding treasure at the bottom of the ocean. Well, the days of hunting for a spot are over with FastParkin.Leb, a free application that will be able to guide you to empty parking spots!






There are three great minds behind this incredible innovation. Mazen JamalEddine, Joe Bou Abdo, and Elie Chalhoub, had been facing this problem with us every day and had the courage and passion to step up, take this problem by storm, and figure out a solution for the greater good. We have all been feeling as frustrated as these three smart inventors and they empathized with us, so they began developing this innovative software (In collaboration with Nicolas Sehnaoui Youth Team) that is capable of finding free parking spots in the Capital.







These three young men had a long time goal to help the citizens of their home country feel a sense of relaxation in the crowded streets of Beirut. The idea came to them during a casual conversation after they couldnt find a place to park their car in the Ashrafieh area (Please dont get us started with that) when they were planning on meeting the former Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui. In collaboration with the former ministers Youth Team, they managed to start the process of developing FastParking.Leb with the great support of the team and the Minister himself.





As much as we would love to have this application up and running as soon as possible, the project only lacks the Beirut Municipality adopting it as a legitimate operation for the city. A model was even developed to test out the software and it passed the test with flying colors, you can check the video below. To get it started, one device that covers 6 parking spaces of about 15 meters will cost between 35$ to 40$.




FastParkin.Leb is a nice initiative, however it doesn't solve the traffic jam problem we face everyday. Check these 2 articles on Loop Scoot and Yallabus they offer a solution for our daily struggle on the roads. With these services you can reach your destination without worrying about traffic or parking spots.     




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