Fuel Saving Tips For Drivers

January 03,2019


With rising fuel prices, simple tips on saving techniques that do not require much effort on your part, come in handy, so here you go:


By driving slowly, below the speed limit and steadily, avoiding quick acceleration, your car consumes fuel more efficiently when compared to fast and abrupt driving. In this same sense, braking abruptly and excessively tends to waste fuel, so it is more efficient and safe to maintain adequate distance from the car in front of you, which will enable you to hit the brakes smoothly. Needless to say that sometimes, in order to avoid an accident, you have no choice but to slam on the brakes.  


Check your tires’ pressure frequently, because if they are not inflated properly they waste gas. Tires that are inflated properly tend to decrease friction thus utilizing fuel efficiently.



Change the filters regularly, as clear filters enable cars to consume fuel efficiently. Also, abide by your car’s maintenance schedule.


Use the suitable oil for your car’s engine, because using an improper type would cause the engine to function inefficiently, thus utilizing more fuel. You may check the car owner’s manual for the proper oil, or consult your mechanic.


Use the air-conditioning at the optimal temperatureAlso use the “recirculate” setting in order to ease up the air-conditioning’s workload, as opposed to continuously having to cool hot outside air before it goes into your car. Turning the air-conditioning off does a lot of saving when you are able to.


Avoid rush hour and choose the path with least resistance, i.e. the one with fewer stoplights and traffic, although that is not something you can always manage to do, especially in heavy traffic areas like Beirut.



Remove extra weight from the car, including items that tend to get stacked in the car over time, especially the unnecessary heavy ones.


Turn off the engine whenever you stop for a while, such as waiting for someone to pick up something from a store, or if you are picking up friends and waiting for them to arrive in the car.


Use cruise control if possible, to manage your speed and cut down on fuel.


Enjoy the ride :)

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