Get Behind The Wheel of an F1 Car With Joe Ghanem!

July 11,2018

Yes of course, we’re all great drivers. It is certainly one of the commonly held beliefs by many of us, thinking we’ve got what it takes to actually race.


Yes of course, we’ve all grew up wishing to get behind the wheel of a very fast car just once to experience the feeling, that adrenaline rush you will get from putting the pedal to the metal.


Yes of course, most of us won’t be able to ever afford such cars, and lucky are the ones who will be able to get behind the wheel of a quick beast.



But guess what...



Whether you want to measure your worth and see if you’ve got any bragging rights, or if you simply want to get a taste of what driving a race car actually feels like, it is now possible thanks to Joe Ghanem, a Lebanese racing driver who wants to share his passion with the world around him.



Joe was the first Lebanese to stand on a podium in a Formula 3 race in Europe in 2009. His career includes achievements in Europe and the Arab world. And now he’s brought us a world-class racing simulator (which by the way, includes real race-car parts) that brings you as close to reality as you can ever get. It also offers a wide selection of cars beyond F1, and beside racing, you can also go for drifting.



We won’t get into the details of how it works. We’re just going to leave the video below for you with a few tips from Joe once you’re ready to go and give it a try. Keep in mind that you’ll be getting real life feedback through the steering wheel, and that the throttle and brake pedals require more effort than your everyday car.


Reach Joe on 76 616 661, or look up GMD’s Facebook Page. The Simulator is located next to Pit Stop’s Karting Track.






- First lap is meant to warm up the tires, go easy on the pedals.
- Always look where you want to go. And that includes looking to your left or right in a tight corner.
- Be in the right gear for each corner, and always downshift AFTER braking.
- Seat yourself right, wrists should be touching the steering wheel with your hands extended.
- Always brake ahead of time for fast corners, braking once you’re in will send you to the wall.