Get Your New INFINITI at 0% Interest, Here Are The Conditions

October 18,2017

  • INFINITI joins the fray of luxury deals that have been appearing since August.
  • The deal is a 0% interest offer on the line of SUVs listed below.
  • You will save $2,400 and up, if you meet the conditions

The Selection – 6 Cylinders For All

QX50 starting $46,900 all inclusive


A spacious crossover SUV in the small luxury crossover category. It boasts a 325 HP engine and intelligent AWD.



QX60 starting $74,900 all inclusive

The QX60 is made for large families who want to cruise in style. It’s got a high-tech cabin that will keep you and your family comfortable and entertained.


QX70 starting $69,900 all inclusive


This INFINITI SUV is beyond definition. For us Lebanese, it’s an iconic and successful model thanks to its sporty DNA combined with its interior luxury. In fact, that’s what many of us crave. Below the hood sits a 330 HP engine sending power to all four wheels.


The Conditions

  • The 0% offer covers 3 years: If you choose a loan of 4 or 5 years, you will only pay interest on the extra years you add.
  • Down payment exceeds 25%: Pay today nearly 50% of the car’s price and finance the rest with no interest. That’s what INFINITI is offering.
  • Validity: On the current stock of QX50, QX60 and QX70 only




Here’s a simulation example on the QX50 model:

  • Price: $46,900 all inclusive
  • Down Payment: $24,000
  • Monthly Payment: $799/month over 3 years
  • Insurance: Premium all-risk included
  • Payment with normal loan over 3 years: $866
  • Saving compared to normal loan: $2,412


Important Note – As with all 0% loans, there are 2 things to keep in mind:

  1. You don’t pay any interest on the loan amount excluding the insurance amount
  2. Some interest always applies to the insurance amount. In this case, it's an extra $671


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