Here’s How Much Mecanique You Will Pay Over 5 Years If You Buy A New Car Today

February 08,2018

Numbers are crazy yo!


Here's the thing, we buy a car every 5 to 7 years, and in the heat of the moment, we often ignore considering some important factors relating to ownership costs. No one likes to be surprised with a money sucking vacuum, especially when we're living paycheck to paycheck and awaiting every end of month to breathe relief for a week or so.



How would it feel to see your tiny savings disappear on payments that you didn't previously consider? We all know how it feels, and although we at Karrenn do our best to help you choose the right new car for you, it's also our duty as humans living similar lives to warn you not to make the same mistakes we did when car-shopping, before Karrenn even existed.



So here's to helping you consider one important factor when you're car shopping: Mecanique. Ahhh the dreaded mecanique. Aya shaher? w adde 3layye? w emta btorkhas? are just few of the questions that pop up in our minds once a year, so we thought why not address this issue once and for all huh?


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Mecanique prices are segmented based on the model year and the engine size. The newer the car and the bigger the engine, the higher the cost (and the higher the risk of catching this nausea all we Lebanese feel when we have to splash out a large sum of our money, can anyone do it like Leo though?).



We took the table and simulated how much you would pay over the next 5 years for mecanique if you bought a new car today. This is affected by engine size, you can check that on the backs of your daftar lsyara (Kouwwat al Mou7arrek). Here's the table:



Done with your mini heart-attack? There's something we would like to add here for people who are looking forward to buy a car. When you're shopping for clothes, you spend half a day or a full day and try on half of the shop's items, and unless you're into elite luxury shopping, you're not spending on clothing as much as you spend on a car. So why not try it out first like you do with your clothing? We can imagine how angry you'll be when you buy shoes that don't fit, and we want to help you avoid that with a car, a CAR.


Cheers if you read so far, there's more value for you here if you want to buy a new car. You can inform us below, we'll get in touch and help you through this frustrating process. And better yet, we might be able to get you a valuable discount, fingers crossed.


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