Here’s How to Properly Sell a Car to a Woman

March 30,2017

Women’s month has come to an end, and us ladies have yet to see a car ad that genuinely talks to us like the buyer we truly are.


This article is not a marketing course, but it’s about time car dealerships start advertising stuff that matter to women too; and we're surely not talking about pink leather seats! A car is essential for modern independent women, but car salespeople need to grasp the needed tone of voice when talking to us. And don’t get us started on independent garages trying to rip us off whenever something goes wrong with our car!


Without further ado, here are a few tips on how to pamper the other half of the automotive clientele:


1) Talk to me with attitude


The key to targeting women successfully in communications is to access the 'me' within them, the part that best reflects their relationship with the brand and to present the message with style. The 'me' within is about basic fears, hopes, feelings and emotions, and within each individual it is multidimensional and colored by previous experiences.


On the surface, female private buyers require the same specs from their cars, including price, safety, economy, size, servicing, engine size and appearance.


2) Give me something worth paying for


Women spend less overall, and dedicate a smaller proportion of their disposable incomes on carrs compared to men. Car manufacturers need to ask themselves, “What can we do to encourage women to place a higher value on owning a car?”


In marketing, value is simply the difference between perceived benefits and costs of a product. To enhance value, car manufacturers should focus less on performance and user imagery and more on brand credibility.


3) Reduce my post purchase hassle


Many women end up dissatisfied with the car they buy. Part of it is due to the sales experience and lack of openness during the buying process. When we enter a car dealership, we are concerned by getting a fair price, being treated well, taken seriously and feeling that we have made the right purchasing decision. So please do make us feel more comfortable at car dealerships. Women come informed, educated and know what they're talking about.


4) Focus on the service experience


Dealers need to start paying closer attention to how women are treated when they bring their car in for a service. People want to trust the advice they’re given, feel like a valued customer, and feel good about buying a new car.


5) Not all women are the same


Research suggests that women want small, safe, maneuverable, fuel-efficient cars. Other design features that are important to women include comfort, easy access, quality of materials, color, and technology.


But then again, car dealers don't stick to the research and dig a bit deeper when a lady walks into the dealership. Not all women are necessarily looking for the same things, since there is a growing number of women buying SUVs, sports cars, minivans and hatchbacks. When marketing to women, don’t assume all women have the same needs. Have your products and marketing approaches suit a greater variety of desires.







Take it from a woman: treating women as knowledgeable customers is the key to best attract women to your dealership. Also, recognizing the role of women as influencers, buyers and users of cars will only do you good.


Ladies, let us know what you search for in a car. Also, we’d love to hear about your car dealership adventures!