Hottest Car Deals: End of Year Edition

December 12,2018

Between dealerships hustling to achieve quotas for the end of the year and consumers looking for a sensible purchase, December is the best month to find a good deal on a car.


In this end of year special, you will find the hottest deals and catches of the year, all in one place. See whether offers apply on cars within your budget without the hassle of going through ads and billboards out there. If you’ve got friends searching for a car with the best deal, share this with them.




We’ve reserved the top for the best Christmas deal this year. Simply, you won’t find a luxurious car with rich features at this price. 


Offer Details: Save $3,000 with the free registration offer.


Is it a good deal? Yes, our monthly hot deals coverage only includes offers that we trust are worth your consideration and action if you’re car shopping. 


Helpful Tips: If you're looking for a more affordable entry into luxury, check out the Q30 which comes at a starting price of $40,000. However, the current offer on the QX30 sort of closes the gap and offers great features. Know more about the car and the offer



Hyundai Tucson


Offer Details: Free registration and an extra $500 discount bring the saving up to $2,140, lowering the Tucson's price from $30,000 to $27,860!


Helpful Tips: Offers on mid-size SUVs are all over the place, so take your time and go through them all. For the Tucson, the Free registration offer applies on all models. You'll be getting a deal with whichever Tucson you choose. Know more about the car and the offer.



Kia Sportage


Offer Details: Save $1,700 as the price falls from $28,200 to reach $26,500 for the LX 2.0L. The cheapest starting price between the trio!


Helpful Tips: The 2.4L LX which is the same but with a more powerful engine is available for $28,500. This will be a better option for people who are not patient enough on smaller engines. Know more about the car and the offer.



Chevrolet Cobalt


Offer Details: Get the cobalt now for $13,500, $1,300 down from its initial price. It is a car well appreciated for it offering nice features. 


Helpful Tips: It's the cheapest car in its category right now when compared to the Nissan Sunny and Suzuki Ciaz. You can't go wrong if you go for it, especially that it's got a good acceleration and a decent engine! Know more about the car and the offer



Suzuki Vitara


Offer Details: Here comes the famous crossover with an exciting discount. Its price has dropped by $1,700. That’s $22,000 instead of $23,700.


Helpful tips: No offer on the full options model which still costs $27,200. That's a different budget anyway, but know that the value for money lies in the GL grade. Know more about the car and the offer



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Nissan X-Trail


Offer Details: The Japanese SUV is now priced at $27,900 instead of $29,900, which is the lowest price it reaches in more than a year! 


Helpful tips: Compared to its Korean competitors, the X-Trail offers a 2.5L engine as standard, and FWD on its entry level grade. For the AWD version, you can opt for the higher version which is also discounted by $2,000 to reach a price of $30,900  Know more about the car and the offer.




Nissan Sentra 


Offer Details: $1,000 discount on the Sentra seems confidential because we hear different stories. Still, you will be able to get the car for $1,000 less than its original retail price. 


Helpful Tips: 1.8L version available for $20,900. Know more about the car and the offer



We hope you enjoyed our article, here's another interesting one on how to get your car ready for winter for a better performance. If you are looking for a car, you can fill the form below so we can assist you in the process. It's fine if you are not, but make sure when you do, know what to test on a test drive

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