Hottest Car Deals: February Edition

March 08,2019

The best deal of the month article is where you find all the good car deals in one place. See whether the offers apply on cars within your budget, and check Karrenn’s tips instead of going through all the ads and billboards out there. Share this with your friend who’s looking for his affordable car and he’ll thank you later. 


Suzuki Vitara 2018


Here’s one of the best deals out there. Simply, you won’t find a small crossover with these features and affordability as the Vitara. 


Is it a good deal? Yes, our monthly hot deals coverage only includes offers that we trust are worth your consideration and action if you’re car shopping. 


Offer details: save $2,000 as the price falls from $24,400 to $22,400. 


Helpful Tips: this is a great deal for you if you want a 4X4 without breaking the bank. It offers the GLX grade too, which is more seen on the Lebanese roads for its extensive features and better looking exterior. It’s still affordable as the first grade. 
To check its specs and prices, click





INFINITI never upsets with its deals. You won’t find a luxurious vehicle with such rich features at this price. 


Offer details: Save $4,000 with price drop from $64,000 to $60,000. 


Helpful Tips: If you are looking for a luxury crossover and more affordable than its rivals, this is the one. It presents you both sports car performance and eco-friendly efficiency. 
For more information click




Renault Duster 2017


The Duster is one of the greatest deals in the market, compared to the previous price. It tops its rivals with the safety features. 


Offer details: Save a minimum of $500 with its 3 Years or 45,000 Km free maintenance.


Helpful tips: It is considered as the cheapest SUV in the Lebanese market. It is a good value for your money with only $15,500. 
Go to
Karrenn's Ads to check options and prices.


UPDATE: 2017 models are no longer available, but you can still opt for 2018 models which are still super competitive price-wise! Head over here to check them out.



Hyundai Sonata 2019


Here’s the family car that can be a luxurious one with its second and third model. 


Offer details: $600 discount, going down from $29,500 to $28,900.


Helpful tips: if you are looking for an affordable family car, Sonata is the one with its new prices and sufficient features to be considered as a luxurious one too. Check it here.





Seat Arona 2019 


Here’s the vehicle of the month! Comparing it with other crossovers, it tops the line and offers value for your money. 


Helpful tips: The Arona is not on the list of our monthly offers, but it is still considered as a valuable deal with the features it offers for an affordable price. It is the one if your are looking for a sporty yet luxurious car. Check its grades and prices right here



If you feel like going more green with your vehicle usage, check out our EV/HEV Vehicles in Lebanon blog to help you pick your best deal. 




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