Hottest Car Deals in September 2018

September 05,2018

The best deals of the month article is where you find all the good new car deals in one place. See whether offers apply on cars within your budget without the hassle of going through all the ads and billboards out there. If you’ve got friends looking for a car, they’ll thank you for this, share it with them.


Mitsubishi Lancer EX 2.0


We’ve reserved the top spot this month for the best deal out there. Simply put, you won’t find any other 2.0L car at that price in the market.


Offer Details: Save $3,400 as the price falls from $21,900 to settle at $18,500.


Is it a good deal? Yes, our monthly hot deals coverage only includes offers that we trust are worth your consideration and action if you’re car shopping.


Helpful Tips: This is a great value-for-money car. There’s another grade with a 1.6L available, but with this offer, it’s simply not worth your money since its price is $18,000. Know more about the car and the offer.



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Chevrolet Aveo LS 1.6


Offer Details: Yes! Chevrolet finally realized that bigger discounts are needed to get the ball rolling. The Aveo is at last available with a considerable saving. $15,300 instead of $16,500 on the LS versions.


Helpful Tips: Go for the LT version which is available for an even bigger discount (-$1,500). You’ll get a 7” original screen with Apple CarPlay and a good sound system. However if you’re low on budget, there’s a standard model available for $14,700. Know more about this car and the offer.



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Renault Sandero Stepway 1.6


Offer Details: Get the Sandero for $15,000 all included. That’s $1,000 down from its usual $16,000 price. It’s a car that is well appreciated for the list of features it offer.


Helpful Tips: Ask for the non-metallic white color, its $400 cheaper than any other color. Know more about this car and the offer.



Renault Clio 1.2T


Offer Details: Free registration saves you $1,500. Starting at $17,750 all included, the Clio is worth considering if you’re in the market for a small hatchback with a premium feel.


Helpful Tips: The free registration offer also applies on the higher versions. The Zen grade is available for $19,900 and includes a multimedia system. Know more about the car and the offer.



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Suzuki Ciaz 1.4


Offer Details: The Ciaz is now priced at $14,500 all included instead of $15,000. Superb value right there.


Helpful Tips: If you are considering the Ciaz, you’ve probably taken a look at the Nissan Sunny or Chevrolet Cobalt. The Ciaz is the only one to actually offer a design that can be considered as modern, even though its engine is smaller. Know more about the car and the offer.



Suzuki Vitara 1.6


Offer Details: We wish we could be more excited, but a $500 discount on the Vitara hardly earns its place on our Top Deals list. Still, that might just suit some people that are already considering the famous crossover. That’s $23,700 instead of $24,200.


Helpful Tips: If 4x4 is not your top priority, you might also want to explore other options. This category is getting really competitive, and price plays a major role. You can know more about this car and the offer, or check out our guide to affordable crossovers to explore your available choices.



We hope that you enjoyed the article, here's another interesting one on how to get discounts at Lebanese dealerships. If you are currently car shopping, we advise you to fill the form below so that we can assist you in the process. It's fine if you don't, but make sure to avoid these 5 mistakes that Lebanese car shoppers make.


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