Hottest Car Deals: March Edition

April 13,2019


Once again, Karren has compiled the hottest car deals of the month for March 2019, in order to optimize your decision-making process when it comes to choosing your car. This article eliminates the need for multiple websites and webpage searches and summarizes the latest, most cost-efficient car deals, which you can align within your budget. 


Renault Koleos 2018 - Offer: $4,850 

Offer Details: This SUV which enjoys rich specs provides generous savings of $4,850, now priced at $29,900. 

Helpful Tips: The Zen Model offers additional special features if you are willing to pay an extra $2,000. Check it Right Here.


Mitsubishi Lancer 2018 - Offer: $500

Offer Details: Here’s one of the best deals of the month too! The price has gone down by $500 for the 1.6L and by $3,900 for the 2.0L.

Helpful Tips: The Lancer 2.0L offers more power, better transmission, and convenient features. Don’t miss the Deal


Suzuki Baleno 2018  - Offer: $1,000

Offer Details: Price is down by $1,000 to reach $14,400 on the GL Model.

Helpful Tips:

The car is priced very efficiently as it offers plenty of safety and high-tech features. We rarely see cars of this size with so many options at such an affordable price. 


Check it out for more prices and options. 



Honda Civic 2019 - Offer: $1,000

Offer Details: The price is down by $1,000 compared to the 2017 Model. 

Helpful Tips: This is an excellent offer for a compact car! The Honda Civic boasts an enhanced interior and exterior as well as features that give it a modern look. Check it out if you are looking for a quality, efficient yet affordable car. Read more about it Right Here



Seat Ibiza 2018 - Offer $700

Offer Details: The price is now $17,200, down by $700 - for the Reference Grade.

Helpful tips: The offered grade is a more sensible choice financially. However, you can add $6,200 for the FR Sportline Grade and get an upgraded exterior and interior. Here are the Specs and Prices. 


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Here are the best deals in the market. You can also find your perfect car that matches your personality Right here


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