Hottest Car Deals: October 2017

October 31,2017

We’re back with this month’s hottest deals, the only release in Lebanon where you can find all the noteworthy ‘new car’ deals and their truths in one place, all details included.


Discounts are the most common type of deal this month. However, if low down payment offers are your cup of tea, there are also many offers to benefit from.


Here’s the selection for the month of October, all offers are still valid!


Karrenn Deal


$550 Upgrade Value + 3 Months Grace Period



Moscow's Blessings


No one is better than the Russians at fighting the cold. Most of their cars include heated seats as standard, and if that’s not enough to keep you warm, maybe their discounts will!


8% Discount ($1,000 off)


Lada Kalina 2017 Deal


A hatchback similar in build to the new Datsun you’re seeing on the streets, now at a thousand less, only $12,000 including VAT and Registration...Read More


8% Discount ($1,000 off)


Lada Granta 2017 Deal


A sedan, slightly larger than the hatchback, and a good choice if you want an extremely affordable family car...Read More


Low Down Payment ($1,000 less)


Lada 4x4 2017


There’s no need to introduce the Lada 4x4, known as the Lada Niva in the olden days. It was previously discounted for $1,000, and the offer is now complemented with a lower down payment ($2,900) at no extra cost...Read More



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South Korea knows what's up


From electronics to cars, the Koreans never ceased to fiercely compete worldwide. The same applies to Hyundai Lebanon which has been releasing offers in quick succession on a variety of their cars. Here's a coverage from last month, and here are the most recent deals:


13-17% Discounts ($2,600 off) + Free camera / sensors / screen


Hyundai i20 2018


The i20, while famous abroad, has yet to prove its position locally. What better way to do so than through a big cash discount and a few freebies on top? This offer will be hard to resist for hatchback shoppers ($16,500 all inclusive for the one with ABS/2 airbags)...Read More


4% Discount ($700 off) OR Free Package + Low Down Payment ($1,000 less)


Hyundai Solaris 2018


Our previous release included the Solaris. Here's a quick update: You can now choose between a $700 discount and a free package (1 year free insurance + free maintenance + 200L free fuel) while still benefiting from the low down payment ($2,900)...Read More



From Paris With Love


10-12% Discounts ($2,000 off)


Peugeot 108 TOP 2016


Zip through the city streets in this city car with a twist. A foldable soft top, refined exterior looks and available interior technology make it suitable for style-savvy shoppers...Read More



The Japanese Send Their Regards


Mazda Offers (Low Interest Rate + Free Maintenance)



The above package is available on the following models: Mazda2, Mazda3, Mazda6 and Mazda CX-5. The value of this offer varies depending on the model. For more info, click the name of the car that interests you. Below is an example for Mazda2. The assumed value of the low interest rate and free maintenance package is around $3,500




INFINITI SUVs Facilities: Save $2,400 And Up On Loans



Pay nearly half the SUV's price and finance the rest with 0% interest. For the full conditions and the selection of SUVs click here.


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