Hottest Car Deals Of August 2017

September 06,2017

  • June, July, and August are the best-selling months of the year for Lebanese auto dealers.
  • The market slows down starting September and hits a low during the months of October and November.
  • To compensate for this decline, dealers counter with aggressive campaigns this time of year.
  • Hurry up and grab the offer that suits you before it expires!


While validating every new car offer and ad that came out in August, we noticed that these campaigns started rolling out. So what have been the hottest offers of the past month? Let us see:


Affordable Cars:


1- Chevrolet Aveo 2017:



Managed by IMPEX, Chevrolet is one of the brands that are loved by its customers. A succession of aggressive campaigns were conducted on Chevrolet cars, and the most recent one is the Chevrolet Aveo campaign. Discounts ranging from $500 to $1,300 allow the Aveo to undercut some competitors with pricing while still offering decent equipment. 

Discounts: Around 6%


2- Hyundai Solaris 2018:



Another affordable car, and in fact a competitor to the one above, is the Solaris 2018 with two airbags + ABS as standard. The edge of Hyundai offers is their flexibility; you can either choose a cash discount of $700 or opt for 1 Year of free insurance and maintenance + 200L of fuel.

Discounts: Around 4%


3- Lada 4x4 2017:



Lada has been around in Lebanon for no more than 2 years. It’s under Rymco’s management and it’s currently selling a line-up of cars other than its most famous 4x4. But its latest offer is indeed on the new Lada 4x4.

Discounts: Around 7%


Sports Cars:


1- Chevrolet Camaro 2016:



NEW sports cars are no easy sale in our country, especially when most people tend to buy them in second hand. A new sports car ensures that there is a zero chance it has been trashed by its previous owners. In this Camaro's case, there is a considerable discount on the remaining quantities of the 2016 model.

Discounts: 12%


2- Nissan 370Z 2017:



Singing the same song is another famous sports car, the Fairlady Z. The twist is that people were invited to negotiate a deal at the showroom, so we did the same and we were able to slash 12.5% from the original price. Maybe you can do more?

Discounts: 12.5%


Luxury Cars:


BMW payment facilities - 50% cash, then 50% after 2 years:



Are you a businessman who would like to stay liquid instead of paying a large sum now? BMW’s got you covered with their very unique deal. Pay 50% cash now, and then pay the other 50% in 2 years with no interest, or just re-finance them, but there's more! Click through for the details.





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