Hottest Car Deals: September 2017

October 04,2017

Car offers are very diverse, you're not always going to see a cash discount. Though, car dealers also offer special interest rates and grace periods on loans with the banks they collaborate with. Sometimes, they would offer a package such as free maintenance. It can be confusing to find the right offer, so we've compiled the best of the best for September to help you out.





This season only means two things, more traffic jams and less cash. If you're running short but still want to buy a car, Check out these deals:


1- Chevrolet Cobalt - $550 upgrade value + 3 months grace period



If you've ever wanted to blast your favorite tunes and answer your calls without any hassle or to avoid running into anything while reversing, this is the deal for you. With the rear screen, camera, and Bluetooth, you can get the Chevrolet Cobalt with a grace period of 3 months on your loan if you're under the burden of back-to-school payments.


GUIDE:  Buying a used car instead? Here's what to watch out for


Hyundai Grand i10 - $2,250 down payment and more value for money



We can all appreciate more specs at a slightly lower price. With this deal, the value reaches up to $1,000. The down payment is $950 less than the usual, at only $2,250. Your payment will be $225/month. It's perfect for the "back-to-school with a thinning purse" season. By then, hopefully your purse would have gotten much bigger!


Applies to the 1.0L Automatic version. Want one like the image above? Discover what it would cost.


Hyundai Solaris - $2,900 down payment + 5% discounts



If you loved the deal above, then this is more or less the same. You do get an added $700 discount with a down payment of $1,123, which is less than the minimum. Your monthly payment is $290 over 5 years.


Hint: The Solaris in the picture costs $700 more, discover it here.





If you've already bought these cars, we suggest you look away. If you're buying the car now, this is your lucky day!


Elantra Discounts - 11-15%



A well-built car with decent interior quality is now available for less, and it's a catch. You can buy this elegant car for $3,100 less. You can pretty much guess how much the car in the image would cost, or what the engines actually are, though if you'd rather just find out click here.


Ford ALL line-up - 11-12% Discounts



Discounts are everywhere! Ford is on a roll with their 2017 models and it's the right time to grab one that suits you best for a reduced amount. Our friends at Ford were reluctant to share much more information with us, but we still managed to give you an example on the enjoyable Ford Focus, it now sells for $18,000 all inclusive. Yet another catch!  Become the Focus Guru, and share what you know.


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What is luxury if it doesn't have a hint of ingenuity? If you've been planning on making your move, now's the time.


MINI - Pay half now, half in 2 years, 0% Interest



Now here's what we call a giveaway. "Give me half of your money now, and pay me the rest in 2 years", MINI's words to you guys. Believe it or not, this is a fact. No catch and no mind games. If the car costs $40,000, you could start driving it by paying only $20,000. You would have 2 years to rack up the rest of the cash and pay them back. Don't worry, even if you fail there are other ways to pay the rest. MINI and BMW are bros, and the offer first popped out on Bavarian Motor Works cars.


Mercedes-Benz - %10 Off, make your move or...go home?



There are tons of things that are annoying in the car world, but one of the top 3 should be a time-limited offer. Mercedes, with all its luxurious glory, are doing just that by giving us only half a month to "make our move". The ad itself puts Mercedes on an entirely new level. Those who grabbed this chance between 12 and 30 September, consider yourselves lucky. Here is the selection to which these discounts applied to.


All car offers and their truth, here




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