How Can Your Sports Car Help You Strike a Deal?

April 27,2017

“Living life on the fast lane” is somewhat easier when you drive a sports car, and don’t  businessmen know it! We are sure you are wondering how these guys always seem to spend this much while keeping their pockets full. Well, the answer is simple, their lifestyle attracts investors, therefore money. And let’s be honest, fancy cars hold a top position when it comes to personal branding! So believe it or not fancy cars help businessmen make money.


Businessmen believe in a simple yet weird theory: the way you think about money dictates the way your money behaves. Therefore, thinking of money as a means of building wealth and lifestyle marketing will just do that.


And now you wonder how they manage to do that. Well, behind every successful man, there is a super sexy and shiny fancy car. They’re quite the ambassador: its driver comes as savvy when it comes to the latest tech innovations, appreciates pretty things, and has the profile of a risk-taker. 



Picture this, you have an important meeting to attend. Let’s assume the meeting didn’t go as well as expected. Now you are walking towards your car and you can see everyone is staring. Suddenly, the man you’ve been trying to impress for the past half hour comes to say “that’s a nice ride, how much did you get it for?” Can you feel the tables slowly turning?


That right there is what lifestyle attraction is all about. Everybody appreciates a fancy car. However, it isn’t only the car that matters. Your personality and the way you carry yourself is important too.


When it comes to lifestyle marketing, everything from your car to your shoes carries great significance. But what matters all the more is your personality: please avoid to sound like a daddy’s boy or like the guy that can’t help flaunting his wealth.


And please do drive responsibly!


Now that you know that high end cars do actually help businessmen make money, which luxury car do you think suits you most and for which reasons?




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