How to Test Drive a Car

March 06,2017

Nowadays, we spend most of our time inside our vehicles, especially driving in Lebanese traffic. So like our homes, we want our cars to reflect our personality; and don’t automakers know it! They are putting even more effort into customizing each car’s interior with different styles, the latest technologies, and unique layouts.


Therefore, it is becoming a must to test-drive any car you might be looking into buying in order to experience how it would feel to own it, after all if you treat it right, it is going to be your ride for the next five years or more! So it’s only fair to want to feel comfortable.


We gathered a few tips to help you get into the right mindset on your test-driving day in order to make the best decision.


1) Today is test-driving day


Try to schedule test drives of all the models you are interested in on the same day so that you can properly compare them all. It would be difficult to discern differences if you test-drive them on separate days. Also, make sure dealers know you have various options in mind so that they can make you their best offer.


2) No rush, take your time


A test drive is your right; spend as much time as you need driving inside the city, in the mountains, or in the countryside. Be careful to avoid rush hour, even though it is part of the Lebanese driving experience, you won’t be able to truly test your car’s engine power.


3) Check that the car fits your lifestyle


Pick your car keeping in mind your routine, purpose, and who is driving the car with you. For instance, if you have a family, you will definitely need a bigger car, but if you are a bachelor a sports scar might be the one for you.


4) Try it all out


Cars these days have too many features to count, so don’t hesitate to try all of them out. Play around with the different car parts and make sure everything is well screwed together. You can stay as long as you want behind the wheel so it’ll allow you to test for comfort space. Try all the seats in the car: sit in the front, then in the back, and check if the legroom is to your liking.  


5) What about the trim?


Usually, different engine sizes, specs, and trims are available with each car model. Test-drive the one that best suits your needs, budget, and interests.


6) This is your car


Beware the salesperson’s skills. They are usually great orators that can sell you a car you never thought of buying in the first place!


Don’t give into their peer pressure game, and take the time to think before making a purchase. When in doubt, you can always reschedule a second test drive.


7) It’s not just about driving


Although your instinct might push you to turn the key and go full force, take a step back and start by walking around the vehicle and inspect it thoroughly. The vehicle’s finish and general build are important. Feel the dashboard and door panels. Are they made in hard plastics? Are there enough soft touches and finishes? Observe how certain features might become irritating in day-to-day use, such as inadequate storage cubbies and cup holders, as well as a trunk that is difficult to operate, or has an opening, is too small or too high. And make sure there is a special compartment for your gadgets.


8) Keep safety in mind


As they say, better be safe than sorry. So make sure to be aware of all the features your car has to offer when it comes to secure driving. You wouldn’t want to put yourself –or the people riding with you- at risk!


So don’t forget to ask about the number of airbags, adjustable seatbelts, and active-safety electronics. Check for child seat space as well as safety and lock measures.


9) Unleash the geek in you


When test driving a car, it is not just about the engine, the speed, and a vehicle’s hardware. There is a whole set of technological features offered by various car companies, so make sure to try them out on your test drive. Check for how well Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, and voice activation functions with your mobile device. It is easy to get lost, especially in Lebanon, so make sure the navigation system is intuitive and accurate enough in its directions.


Got any more tips to share regarding test-driving and checking out a car before buying it? Let us know and don’t forget to share with us your latest test-driving experience.