Hyundai i20 or Nissan Micra: Your Opinions

September 06,2018

Researching cars is something we all do before buying. We can collect all the information we want, watch all the reviews we need, but there's always a question that is left unanswered, and that is: What's the talk about the car in the market? What about its owners, are they satisfied? What do people think?


Feedback from other people remains an essential part of the decision, but it's not always easy to get hold of owners of different cars and get their opinion. That's not the case with Karrenn, which is the only place where you can get opinions from local car owners. All you have to do is message us, just like our member Pierre did.



Pierre was lost between the Nissan Micra and the Hyundai i20, and the below post was based on his request (you can click on each link to check out the car's prices, features, pros & cons and more).



You can click here to go to Facebook and access the post, read through the comments and add your own. But we've rounded up the most interesting ones below. 


Supporting Hyundai i20



Supporting Nissan Micra



This is all good and useful, but how many people are actually picking one car over the other? Click here to vote for your preferred pick and see the results.


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