INFINITI QX30: Not Another Boring Review

July 31,2018

You can find technical reviews anywhere on the web, we won't waste our time with that. The QX30 is a great crossover, living with it for two days was bliss. If you're in the market for a luxury crossover, the question you might want to be asking yourself is, how does it fit my lifestyle?


Yes we all want luxury, we all appreciate it, but when you buy a car, it goes beyond that. The least thing you can ask for when you break the bank, is that the car you purchased rewards you enough to make you think: That was totally worth it!



The QX30 might just be that. The Highest Event is where I took it, and it got me thinking: Yes, we buy luxury cars for various reasons, whether its comfort, power, or just social status, but there's a deeper connection involved.


While you might not be a camping freak, you definitely want a car that can do it all.



The QX30 rides comfortably. While the idea of a long trip might make you cringe, it's something to look forward to when you have the keys to a QX30. It won't break your back, but most importantly, no passengers will annoy you with their nagging, because although the rear seating space is not "saloon-like", your family/friends will be happy riding with you because they'll be feeling enveloped and safe.


Yeah the seats are comfortable and all, but it takes more than that to create an experience that makes you and your mates feel good, and the QX30 aces that.



Being able to drive and enjoy the power that's being churned from a 2.0L Turbo without having to push it to the limits adds to that rewarding factor. When you're carrying people and stuff around, the car behaves well. You won't feel the weight in normal driving conditions, which might not be the case with a less powerful crossover.



And when you're all alone, the power is too tempting to refuse, you would feel like you have to drive it like you stole it. But don't forget that it's a crossover, it has additional ground clearance, it's not a sports car even if that's what it wants to make you feel. You've got to take it easy on the corners. Although stability is guaranteed through a wide array of safety systems, it does not handle like a sports car does. Physics at work.



That's when you take a left and leave the road for some light off-roading action. There's a 4x4 system at work here, it will get you out of most situations, but it's not a vehicle to go mudding with. Camping, snow driving, visiting places beyond tarmac's existence should all come easily, and rewardingly to this vehicle's driver. The trunk will not let you down, unless you commute without most of your belongings. It fit 4 people's camping gear (1 mattress included), but if you're the sort to carry large crates of supplies, you might want to add a trailer to the list.



Fast forward 24 hours, and it feels bad to step back in the car with all the dirt that I accumulated while partying in the wild. If I owned that car, I'd probably pin a few, but very 


- Wash every week

- Buy air freshners every month

- Don't eat (tough one)

- No dirty shoes

- No feet on the dash

- No pets allowed :(


What other rules would you add?



By the way, Q30 & QX30 prices range between $40,000 and $55,000. The one you see in the pictures is the top of the line, includes advanced safety features, a bose sound system, brown leather, black velvet ceiling and it even reads traffic signs for you. Let us know if you'd like to know more about pricing and features, and we'll release a review with all the details.


Much love from the Karrenn team.