Interests Are Falling Faster Than Temperature At Mercedes

November 28,2017

The Benz people are back with another catchy offer! If you couldn't benefit from the %10 discount they offered on their 2017 models a while ago, you're still covered.


This time around, 2017 models are offered with in-house financing at 0% interest rate over 4 years. To be eligible, you'll have to bump up the down payment to 35% of the price. This is valid till the end of December.


Model Selection For 0% Interest Offer



"Mercedes nails it. The C-Cab is pleasant to drive but majors on al-fresco feel-good." -Top Gear



E200 cabrio

"Mercedes has thrown everything it knows into the new E-Class. You can tell." -Top Gear



E200/300/400 coupe




"Crazy, and that's why we like it, but struggle to recommend it" -Top Gear



GLC 300 Coupe

"Unexciting but feels feels like it's in it for the long haul" -Top Gear




"Not what Merc should be doing. Focus on engineering, not trying to invent another niche" -Top Gear



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