Jaguar: The Art Of Performance Tour

September 19,2017

Jaguar's latest event in Lebanon, The Art Of Performance Tour was an event where people were invited to test-drive a few cars of Jaguar’s latest line-up. And we do mean it when we say it was not your average test-drive experience. 



A short but challenging track was set by the organizers, and the event ran smoothly thanks to a few good folks from the UK who monitored the whole process. It was all about the experience of getting behind the wheel of a 360 HP SUV and race it around the track.



Before you are officially timed, you get a few runs around the track, first in a Jaguar XF or an XE.



Then you get a test-run in the F-pace S to get a feel of it.



Finally, the time for your official lap is here. No mistakes were allowed, throwing off a cone will get you a penalty of 2 seconds, and not being able to stop within a set square at the end of the run resulted in a 5 second penalty.



The prize is a trip to Abu Dhabi to compete against finalists coming from different countries. And guess what, we managed to steal the first position and earn some bragging rights. But as it turns out we were beaten down to second place before the end of the event.

Still, the driving experience was rewarding enough, and the event was fun and original.



Worth mentioning that the hottest car of the line-up, is the Jaguar F-type. Although we were not able to drive it around, it was what caught our eye and ear the most.





What we liked the most about this event is the first-hand experience you get with the cars. Our Lebanese market is filled with choices, but a test-drive is sometimes only allowed if you are a serious buyer.

 A car purchase decision, regardless of all your needs has an emotional connotation.  And getting to experience your choices first hand would make it a lot easier for you to know which car is most likely to steal your heart.

Even before that comes all the frustrating research of weighing out your options and narrowing down your choices with the hopes of picking the right one. This is where Karrenn can assist you by throwing confusion out of the window and helping you reduce those stress levels! You can check out the latest Car Deals on our website and add to your knowledge by browsing our Blog.